7 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Rental’s Bathroom

7 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Rental’s Bathroom

As the co-founder and senior vice president of design for Waterworks, Barbara Sallick knows all the ins and outs of bathroom design. From finding the perfect fittings to installing the right tile, she’s the go-to gal for all things bathroom (just check out her design journal The Perfect Bath for proof!). She also knows that rental homes and apartments don’t often come with dreamy bathrooms. In fact, they’re usually the most unappealing room of a rental—and the most expensive to update. Fortunately, she’s come up with a few simple ideas for giving the space a facelift, without doing any demo.

Read on for Sallick's tips for designing your rental bathroom.

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    Paint a Fresh Coat

    A can of paint goes a long way toward making a bathroom feel clean and fresh. Usually, little expertise or time is required, and the result is dramatic. Keep the color light and bright.

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    Hang a Shower Curtain

    Hanging a new shower curtain will be a big improvement. I prefer one in crisp white linen, or a stripe to camouflage any unattractive tile.

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    Add a Rug and Towels

    Lay down a soft yet durable bath rug and bring in some new fresh towels for an immediate and personal update. 

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    Store in Style

    If there aren’t any storage solutions, use a larger basket to store extra towels and toilet paper. You can also hang shelves for storing toiletries and other necessities.

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    Find the Right Wastebasket

    A pretty wastebasket can add polish and charm to any bathroom. 

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    Install New Accessories

    If you are handy, get out the tool bag and install new hardware and light fixtures. The new accessories will be both decorative and useful. 

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    Keep it Neat

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    Would these tips give your rental's bath a facelift? Let us know below... 

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