5 Easy Pick-Me-Ups For Your Home

5 Easy Pick-Me-Ups For Your Home

Want to give your home a major overhaul but don't have the time, finances, or energy? Start small. A mini makeover is just what your home needs to kickstart the process. Try one of these easy, yet impactful, ideas, and you'll see change straight away!

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    Paint It Black

    PHOTO:  Ashley Putman for Lonny

    An easy update with high-impact results (that requires only a little bit of paint), black fireplaces create dramatic focal points yet are surprisingly versatile. Not convinced? Get inspired by some of the chicest black fireplaces around.

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    Let It Bloom

    PHOTO: Justin Coit

    Picking up a bouquet of flowers from your local florist or plucking a few stems straight the garden is one of the simplest ways to liven up your home—and also one of our favorite ways to make your home look more expensive (on the cheap).

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    Brighten Up

    Let in the sunshine! As this light and bright living room proves, natural light is expertly skilled at giving your home a gorgeous glow. Unless you need privacy or shade for rest, open up those curtains, pull up the blinds, and relish in the beauty of your home.

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    Coordinate Your Hangers

    PHOTO: Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest

    One of the best construction-free ways to personalize your closet is to coordinate your hangers. You'll be amazed by how impactful a little cohesion can be.

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    Curtain Call

    PHOTO: H&M

    A fresh new shower curtain can completely transform the look of your bathroom — especially if it's small. Shop our top 10 favorites for an affordable update.

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